If you’re the type of person who learns best in a one-on-one environment, you’re in luck because we offer private calligraphy lessons with our resident calligrapher. Meredith is self-taught, with many years of experience, and she understands the impact that instant feedback and in-person instruction have on the speed with which you progress.

Each private lesson is two (2) hours of instruction, based on your own individual level of experience. You can sign up for as many lessons as you’d like, but we recommend just one lesson per day…trust us, your writing hand will be glad you did!

All private lessons are held at Meredith’s home studio in Savannah, and include the cost of black ink and practice paper during your lesson, so please bring your own nibs and holder with you. “But Meredith, I don’t have any of my own supplies yet!” Don’t fret, my friend, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase your own supplies during the registration process.


Add-On Options
All add-on options subject to 7% sales tax)

– Straight Holder + 2 Flexible Nibs – $10

– Oblique Holder + 2 Flexible Nibs – $10

– Straight Holder + Oblique Holder + 4 Flexible Nibs – $20

– Beginner Supply Kit – $45

  • 1 Straight Holder
  • 1 Oblique Holder
  • 4 Flexible Nibs
  • 2oz. Bottle of Black Ink
  • Inkwell
  • Practice Workbook