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Calligraphy + Stationery

The best things in life are made by hand and crafted with love.


One of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process

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Even before your guests open their invitations, an expertly addressed envelope is sure to set the stage for an event they won't want to miss.

But, calligraphy isn't just for envelopes! Keepsake gifts, digital calligraphy for reproduction, and hand engraving are just a few of the ways I use art to elevate your wedding, special event, holiday...or just because. 



Calligraphy is "the art of beautiful writing," and each piece that comes across my desk is handwritten with love. 

I specialize in simple, thoughtfully designed stationery, featuring handwritten calligraphy and elegant typography. A well designed piece of stationery never goes out of style and I've curated a collection of suites designed with your impeccable taste in mind.



And that same person will be with you throughout the entire process, from start to finish to ensure nothing is overlooked. The benefit to working with an independent stationer means we'll be an extra set of eyes to make sure everything looks just right.

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But don't worry, I'm not going to tell you double envelopes are a must and engraving is the only print option. Having an etiquette expert on your team means you'll know which rules can be broken so no one's feathers are ruffled in the process.

timing is everything

Having worked as a wedding planner in a past life, I'm well aware of the importance of timing for weddings and special events, so rest assured that I'll keep your project moving through the process so you don't feeling rushed.



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