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Congratulations! It's time to order your stationery. This Design Guide includes everything you need to know about creating stationery with Lowcountry Paper Co.



I like to use 100% cotton paper as the default option for your stationery. This luxurious stock holds rich, deep impressions and has a soft, tactile quality that lends itself well to all print methods.



White + Ivory

White is a true bright white, while Ivory is a soft white.
Ivory is not as yellow as ecru.

Paper color and weight selection is a personal preference. Get In Touch to request samples and see paper options in person.

single and double ply

1 Ply paper (shown on top) is a lovely 110# cover stock and 2 Ply paper (shown on the bottom) is 220# - double the thickness.

You're not limited to only cotton paper in shades of white, though! With so many wonderful papers, we'll choose the one that's just right for your project.


With the entire Pantone color book at my disposal, I don’t want to limit you (or me!) to a handful of select options. Rather, I like to work together to curate selections based on your individual aesthetic so your stationery is unique to you. We can incorporate these colors in ways beyond just the ink, paper, and envelopes by incorporating additional details like wax seals, ribbon, envelope liners, and more. 

Because of the nature of letterpress and engraving, subtle variations in the ink color are to be expected and no two pieces will be exactly alike. It’s what makes them special!

I love working with my clients to personalize their stationery, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the possibility of too many choices, rest assured that I’ll be your guide throughout the process to focus in on what works best for you.


All suites include matching white or ivory envelopes as the default option. 
But, not to worry my love, if you prefer a little color, I'll be able to make recommendations once we get started with the design!

Much like ink colors, there are too many envelope colors to show here, so I like to provide options that coordinate with your individual style and design.

Double Envelopes

Double envelopes include an un-gummed inner envelope that pairs with the outer mailing envelope. Your suite pieces are inserted into the inner envelope with individual guest names listed on the front. Then, the inner envelope goes into the outer mailing envelope with the guest name and address. Postage is added and the outer envelope is sealed prior to mailing.

calligraphy styles

As a calligrapher, all of the script used in my designs is handwritten (inside the pink circles) - no script fonts here!
I hand write all of the script elements - sometimes the entire invitation - and then digitize the writing so each design is truly unique!

Show Calligraphy Styles


The final piece of the invitation puzzle is envelope addressing, so let me be your one-stop-shop and take this final to do off your plate!




guest name(s) and address handwritten in calligraphy or cursive script

guest name(s) handwritten in calligraphy or cursive script
address digitally printed 

guest name(s) and address digitally printed

CAN I MAKE CHANGES TO THE DESIGNS beyond what's noted here?

Absolutely! I like to think of the Stationery Design options as your starting point, so I recommend that you choose an overall layout with the essential elements that you like and then we can build from there. 

Here's what that looks like:
Let's say you like everything about the Antonia suite design but would like to add a border and center the names like what you see in the Virginia suite, I can make that happen. These design tweaks, along with the customization of the colors, calligraphy style, etc. means that your stationery can be personalized to fit your aesthetic!!

This is the benefit of working with an independent stationery designer and calligrapher like myself! You're not limited to only what you see in the sample images online.

Will I get to see a proof before my order is printed?

Of course! After receiving your initial proof, you get two (2) complimentary rounds of revisions before your design goes to print. Additional revisions beyond these complimentary rounds incur a fee of $150 per round. I recommend printing a paper copy of your proof and putting at least two other sets of eyes on the design to catch any typos or errors! Changes requested after the design goes to print incur additional costs.

How long does the process take?

The design process takes 3-5 weeks, followed by printing and addressing. Printing is an additional 1-2 weeks for digital and 3-4 weeks for letterpress, foil, and engraving. Don’t forget to add in some extra time if you’re including envelope addressing. I also recommend giving yourself 2-4 days to stuff and seal your suite before delivering them to the Post Office.

I don’t want to address my envelopes, can you help?

Absolutely! Envelope calligraphy is how I got started, so nothing would make me happier than to take this off your plate. I won't need your final list until it's time to approve your final stationery design, so you'll have time to finish gathering those can be a beast, I know!

How should I format my address list?

I like to get your address list in a spreadsheet format and have a handy template available on the Resources page. It's a Google Sheet, which can be downloaded or copied to your own Google Drive and edited. Please share or send your list with me at


All orders include 20% additional envelopes for this reason, so you should be OK, but Email Me if you think you'll need more.

Can you tell me how much postage I’ll need?

Unfortunately, I've discovered by trial and error that every post office judges the postage price differently. I can give you my best guess based on previous projects but it’s best to wait until you receive your order and take a complete suite to the local post office where you plan to mail your invitations so it can be accurately weighed to. And, ALWAYS confirm the postage is correct with an actual person when you get to the Post Office...there's nothing worse than getting all your invitations back to you for "insufficient postage." 

Frequently asked questions

Ordering stationery - especially for a wedding - can be a LOT. This might be the first time you're sending out formal invitations to a large event and you don't know what you don't know. And, I know it's easier to make decisions when you can hold a sample in your hands, so don't worry about a thing!

Submit an Inquiry Form and tell me what you need. Then, I'll send a booking link for a consultation so we can talk through all of the details and I'll put together a proposal!

Let's get started!

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Digital printing is a flat printing method that creates a smooth, flat finish of the design on the card so the only texture you feel is the fluffy cotton paper.

Turnaround time for digital printing is 1-2 weeks after final approval

Letterpress printing begins by creating a plate of your design, which is inked with a matte color and then pressed into the paper using antique machines. The finished product is as beautiful as it is luxurious and a popular selection for wedding stationery!

Turnaround time for letterpress printing is 3-4 weeks after final approval

A traditional print method for wedding invitations (and one of my favorites!). Your design is etched into a metal plate and the recesses of the etching are filled with ink so that when pressure is applied to the plate and paper, the result is an embossed - or raised - impression of the design. Engraving inks can be matte or metallic.

Turnaround time for engraving is 3-4 weeks after final approval

Foil printing uses sheets of opaque foil, a printing plate, and a heating element to press your design into the paper, similar to letterpress. Foil printing allows us to use metallic colors like gold to print your stationery.

Turnaround time for foil printing is 3-4 weeks after final approval





Calligraphy Styles

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